January 2018


We hope you had a relaxing holiday season! With a new year brings new opportunities and fun here at the Lanark Youth Centre! We will be having a babysitter Course, Hunter Safety Course, 4-H Programs, Cooking with the Table Community Food Centre, Art with LanART, and many other amazing things this year! See the events page each month to stay up to date on all the great things happening!! OR Check out our Facebook Page!!

Nov 2017, 

This year has just flown by... Where has the time gone... We have been busy here at the Youth Centre with 4-H programs, After School Programs, and cooking program! This sound like something you want to be a part of, then join us! Check out the Events page for our monthly calendar!!

December 2016,

It seems we have been so busy here at the Centre I almost forgot to post the December Calendar... Check out the Events page for more details on what is happening!! We would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our sponsors and donors over the course of 2016. A HUGE thanks also goes out to all sponsor for our Christmas Lights Ceremony on December 8!! Merry Christmas to one and all and have a Happy New Year!!

November 2016,

I am a little behind in my website updating, I must apologize. We have been keeping busy here at the Centre with Halloween Trips and 4-H programs. The year is almost over and it feels like we just began! Check out the events page for all the fun details oif things happening in November. Don't forget coming up in December we will be having our annual Christmas Lights Ceremony, and you don't want to miss that!!

September 2016, 

Where has the summer gone? Here and then gone already. Back to school in less than 5 days!! The summer here at the Youth Centre was a busy one. We did some pretty amazing things like Mont Cascades water park, Wolfe Island Beach, Brockville Aquatarium, Blueberry Mountain, High Lonesome Nature Reserve and lets not forget our awesome Adventure Trip which entailed an overnight trip to Bonnechere Caves, Logos Land Zip Line and Water Park, and Rafting at Owl Rafting... It may have seemed like a short summer but we sure did do a lot in such a short amount of time! Hope you all have a wonderful start to your school year and remember the Youth Centre is closed from Sept 5th to Sept 12 and will reopen on Sept 13th... See you all then!!

June 2016,

Summer is almost here... That means tons of amazing trips, and events every week!! Check out the Events page for the July and August calendars... You can also find the Summer Excursion forms on the Home Page along the left hand side... Hope to see you all out at some point this summer!!

April 2016, 

WERE HIRING! (pending funding) Check out the job ad ->

March 2016, 

We have been busy here at the Youth Centre with Babysitter Course, 4-H, After School Programs, And there have been plenty of snow days thrown into the mix! March will be no different... There is so much going on we had a hard time putting it on the calendar, especially March Break!

February , 2016

What a busy year so far! I must apologize for not updating the website sooner! Check out the events page to see all the great things happening here ta the Centre in February.

Dec 2015

Well it is here already the last month of the year! There are a lot of things happening in and around the Youth Centre... Check out our Events page for all the great things!

Nov 2015

Wow this year is just flying by... There have been so many fun and entertaining time this year so far and the next couple month are no different... Check out the events page to see the Nov calendar and all that we have goingon this month!

Oct 2015

It is October already, and Fall is here! Check out our Events page for the October calendar to see all the great things happening here... On a side note, we are looking for ideas of things you would like to do here at the Youth Centre whether it is a one time event or a couple weeks long, or excursions... Let us know!!

Sept 2015

Back to School next week... Who is excited... I bet all the parents out there! Here at the Youth Centre we like you to get back into the groove of school the first week so we will be closed... Have an issue you can still give us a call and we will get back to you asap as someone will check the messages during the week. Otherwise check out our calendar for September on the events page and we will see you all in a week!

June 2015

Well another school year has come to an end and Youth Centre is gearing up for the summer! Please check out the Events page for all the details on what is happening this summer on the Calendar for July and August. Permission forms will be available now as well and you can find those on the home page as well as the trip itinerary form. 

June 2015

Summer  is almost upon us and planning is shaping up nicely for the summer months with lots happening throughout the summer. Check out the Events page for all the fun things we have going on leading up to the summer, June is going to be a great month and you do not want to miss out. Summer permission forms will be available at the Youth Centre in the next couple weeks so stay tuned for those coming out!!

May 2015

Another fun and busy month coming up for the month of May!! Check out the events page for all the details...

April 2015

Things have been busy  here at the Centre which I guess is no different than any other month... BUT it is a good thing... We have lots of things coming up here at the Centre in the month of April so have a look at the events page to see the calendar and come join us for some fun... 

March 2015

I hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far... It sure is going by fast, we are now in March already!! But don't let that get you down, as we have some pretty cool things coming up her at the Centre in March!! Check out the Events page to see our March Calendar...

January 2015

Happy New Year to one and all... I hope your Christmas and New Years was great!! We have lots of stuff happening in January so check out our events page to see the calendar and all that is going on!!



December 9, 2014

There is a lot going on here at the Centre in December... Make sure you check out the calendar of the Events page to see all the fun things... Also see the picture above as we host our annual Christmas Lights Ceremony the week!!

October 30, 2014

November is fast approaching us! Here at the Youth Centre we have lots of fun things planned, and you do not want to miss out on these opportunities. Check out the Events page for the November Calendar and to see what all is going on.

October 3, 2014

Here at the Youth Centre we have been keeping ourselves busy with lots of events and activities... This upcoming month of October is no different! There is lots happening and going on, check the Events page for our October Calendar to see everything we have going on in the next month... 

July 29, 2014

It has been a busy couple months here at the Lanark Youth Centre... Please see our events page for all the fun happenings this summer...

April 30, 2014

As you may have noticed April was a busy month here at the Centre, so I apologize for not writing or posting the calendar... May is no different, we have a very busy month coming up and you don't want to miss out! Check out the events page for all the great details and events...

March 5th, 2014

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well and enjoying all this snow we have been getting. There are some fun things going on this Month at the Youth Centre so check out the 'Events' Page to see our monthly calendar and what is going on. We are still on the works of fundraising for the Youth Trip to Toronto in the summer of 2014. We are holding an ongoing bottle drive, wee will be holding a Chili Dinner on March 29th, and a Lazer Tag fundraiser on May 24th. Hope you can make it out to one or both of these great fundraisers!!!

February  4th 2014:

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I do apologize for taking so long to post on here again this year. The Youth Centre has been very busy this past month with a lot going on. We have started a babysitter course here at the Centre, and we have 11 youth ready to learn and become great babysitters!! Check out the events page as I have added the new calendar for February...   


December 2013

Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder that it is that time of year again! Time for our Christmas Lights Ceremony! So come on out an join us in the festivities!! Also check the events page for our December calendar...

November 4th, 2013

Hey everyone,

It has been busy here at the centre planning and programming. We are starting to plan for our annual Christmas Lights Campaign. Check out the events page for our calendar and information for what's happening this month!!


September 11th, 2013

Dear Parents / Guardians,

As most of you know we held a parents meeting in August to discuss past, present and future opportunities at the Youth Centre. This meeting was a successful meeting with lots of parent input on programming.

During the meeting we discussed the possibility of doing a 3 day trip to Toronto to see the Ontario Science Centre, Canada’s Wonderland, and the Toronto Zoo. We would stay at a camp for the 2 nights. We would be travelling by bus while on this trip.

To get to the point, we will be holding a Parents Information Night on September 25th at 6:30pm. At this meeting we will discuss the total cost of the trip, which will include fees, food, busing and accommodations.

            Any and all parents interested in sending their youth on this trip MUST attend the meeting!

Please RSVP to the Youth Centre by September 20th, 2013


Hope to see you there,

Lanark Highlands Youth Centre Staff


August 23, 2013

Dear Parents,

To all parents of our youth members, we would like to have a parents meeting to take a look at the events, trips, and programs planned or in the process of being planning for the next year. We would appreciate if you could make it. So add August 29th, 2013 at 6pm to your calendar. We will be providing supper for all in attendance, which then will be followed by the meeting. If you are planning to attend please RSVP to the Youth Centre by August 23rd, 2013 so we know how much food we will need!


  June 19, 2013

Hey everyone,

Here at the centre is crazy busy, so I do apologize for being so behind in writing. The summer months are all organized and up on the events page so have a look things are going to be fun here at the centre...

April 24, 2013

Hey guys so with May comming up there are lots of things to do at the centre first of all we have our big dance-a-thon fundraiser comming up. The doors will open at 10am for free dance classes with the acctual dance-a-thon starting at 2pm and going until 6pm. Youth 10 and up is $5 and youth under 10 are free... The other thing I would like you all to be aware of is comming up we have the wonderful summer months and starting on July 1st we will be switching to daytime hours so keep watching as I will update you on those hours closer to...

March 27, 2013

Well it has sure been a busy time here at the centre. We have started a after school program that run from Monday-Friday from 3-6pm and anyone is welcome to join you can find the form on the home page under our membership form. We have been having a very successful YAL (Youth Active Living) Program with lots of different events happening like we had Judo, we went on a maple syrup tour, and comming up we will be having yoga, pickelball and kickboxing. we will also be attending relay for life again this year and taking 10 youth members, if you are interested you need to sign up at the youth centre before April 2nd as we will be doing the draw to see which youth will be attending. Last but not least we will be holding our annual AGM on April 23rd and it promisses to be a good night with a performance from the Youth Centres 4-H Karaoke Club, a slideshow presentation made by some of the Youth Members, and of course there will be some business discussed around the centre and the happenings at the centre. If you have any questions about upcomming events, or the centre in general dont hesitate to contact one of the staff at 613-259-2012, or drop an email at lhyci@storm.ca.


Well I hope you all had a great holiday... I know I am... We are now back in the swing of thiings with lots going on in the comming months... Check the events page for everything that is happening... Or give us a call, drop by, or send an email if you have any questions.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!


November 27th, 2012

Hey everyone as usual we have been quite busy at the youth centre, and as it looks now December is goingto be much the same. Have a look at the events page for further details. We have our biggest funraiser comming up and would love to see everyone there on the 13th of December here in Lanark at Pretty Goods for our tree lighting ceremony. we also have a dance on December 21st and 10year olds are welcome. But also dont forget that this friday November 30th we are decorating gingerbread houses so come on in and join in the fun...

November 2nd, 2012

Hey there everyone I hope this finds you all safe and sound after halloween... As you see below we have become a peanut free facility due to youth members with severe allergies... You can now check out the events page for our November calendar...

 October 23rd, 2012

Hey guys we are having a food drive see our poster above...


September 28th, 2012

Hope you are all well and back in the school routine. There are some fun things happening in October so check out the events page.


August 1, 2012

The YC has a busy calendar for the month of August. Please check under "Events" to see it.

We have been busy with our Summer Excursion program and Garden Project in July. We went canoeing, hiking and swimming at Murphy's Point, and go-carting at Karter's Korners. We also have been working hard at keeping the garden alive this month with the incredibly dry season. We made pickles yesterday using dill and garlic from our garden!

Coming up this month, we have more fundraising activities, community events and excursions. Please call or stop by the YC to get involved. Enjoy the last month of summer vacation!


April 25, 2012

Hey everyone so heres what happening in May hope to see you all out and about.

HOMEWORK HELP: As the school year comes to a close, and exams start, we are here to help. If you require help with your homework drop by to see us.

SPORTS PROGRAM AT MG: As always the sports program will take place on Thursday nights at Maple Grove from 5:45-7:30pm.

COOKING PROGRAM: The cooking program is held every Friday night. The program is free to all youth, youth are asked to help prepare the food so not only do they eat they get to learn how to prepare different foods.

GIRLS NIGHT & BOYS NIGHT: It’s happening again on May 4th, 2012! Here at the YC we are having a girls only night, so all you girls come on down and have some fun. Also happening for the boys is a boys only night on May 11th, 2012. Boys come on out and hang out at the YC. If you have any ideas for what you would like to do please see YC staff.

CAR RALLY BBQ: We will be putting on a BBQ at the Lanark Civitan for the Car Rally on May 5th, 2012. Volunteers are needed so check in with Youth Centre staff.

RELAY FOR LIFE $1 Movie Night & $2 DANCE: These events are to help raise money for the Youth Centre Relay for Life team “Cancer Bandits”. The movie we will be watching is in theme of the relay for life and it’s called ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. This is an all ages event so whether you are young or old, come on out and help us raise awareness about cancer. We will also be holding a youth dance so if you are between the ages of 11-18 come one out and again help raise awareness and show your support.

4-H updates: Go for the Gold: It’s a Lanark county 4-H event held on June 14th at the Beckwith recreation complex. 4-H members are encouraged to attend and the youth centre will be providing transportation. Please sign up at the Youth Centre by May 10th, 2012.

There are a few opportunities coming up this summer in which youth may wish to take part in. While these are not youth centre trips,  youth members may want to participate. First on June 23rd, there will be a Discovery Days event at the Perth arena for youth aged 9-12 to introduce you to 4-H. Second in August, there will be the Provincial Youth Adventure Camp for youth aged 12-15. This is a great opportunity for youth to learn leadership skills and have fun. For more information about these opportunities contact the Youth Centre.

The last little thing I would like to say is Thank You to all those who helped out with the dance-a-thon, you have helped the YC raise $1,100 for our summer excursion program.

March 30, 2012

Hey everyone just thought I would pass on some of the things we are doing in April.... Also check the events page to see the April calendar....

HOMEWORK CLUB:The homework club is in full swing again and is from 4:30-5:30pm Tuesday nights. Any Youth aged 10-18 are welcome and encouraged to join.

4-H CRAFT CLUB:Is in full swing and the youth are learning a variety of things. From using recycled materials such as old records to make bowls, Jeans to make pencil cases or change wallet. As well as coming up nature art, painting and other fun projects.

SPORTS PROGRAM AT MG:As always the sports program will take place on Thursday nights at Maple Grove from 5:45-7:30pm.

COOKING PROGRAM:The cooking program is held every Friday night. The program is free to all youth, youth are asked to help prepare the food so not only do they eat they get to learn how to prepare different foods.

Dance-A-Thon:On Friday, April 13th, we are hosting a fundraising Dance-A-Thon at the Lanark & District Civitan Club. Last year, with the help of several generous businesses, individuals and volunteers, this event raised over $1400 for our Summer Excursion Program, which provides opportunities for youth to participate in active, challenging, fun activities over the summer months, such as hiking, canoeing, and trips to museums, water parks and more.

On the evening of the Dance-a-thon, we will have a silent auction and bake sale, as well as an opportunity for people of all ages to dance the night away and possibly win the grand prize of $100 plus an Ipod Shuffle. We hope that this year, we will get the entire family to participate- young children, youth, parents and grandparents!

If you would like to sponsor the event or donate an item for the silent auction, please call Ashley at 259-2012 or email lhyci@storm.ca. Your support means a lot to the Youth Centre and the 127 youth members we serve each year.

BBQ’S: We will be holding a BBQ on Sat April 21st and Sun April 22nd at the Youth Centre to raise money for Youth Centre programming. We will have hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks, so come on out to support the Youth Centre. We need youth volunteers to help us so feel free to talk to staff.

AGM:Our Annual General Meeting will be held on April 24th and it is open to youth, parents, and community members. Show your support of the youth centre by attending this meeting to meet board members and staff and learn more about our programs. Refreshments will be served and a gallery of 4-H craft projects will be on display.

ADOPT-A-ROAD:This spring’s Civitan Adopt-A Road will held on April 18th and we are looking for youth volunteers to help so talk to staff today.


February 28, 2012

Hey there everyone. Im sorry for not posting the February calendar things got busy and I for got but the March calendar has now been posted. We have lots going on during March break so check it out and come have some fun with us.

January 24, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry it has been so long since our last post, we have been quiet busy here at the centre. In January so far we have put on a dinner for the Lanark Civitan, Painted the basement of the centre and it is now up and running to have programs, we are starting our homework club up again today, and we started a babysitter course which has 18 active members. Also in January we are holding a frosty fling movie night on January 27th, we are not sure on the movie yet but if you have any ideas let us know we love to have your input. You can check out our calendar on the events page to see what else is goin on and when it will be happening.

  November 30, 2011

The Youth Centre has ben quite busy these past few months. Homework club off and running, Sports program fun as ever, Cooking program with many different meals to be had. In OCT we had a few things going on we had a visit from the local vet Sue Martin who came to talk to the youth about animals and different vet related things. We also had a excursion to Fort Fright in Kingston which had mixed reviews some kids enjoyed it and others thought it could have been scarier. After that we had a halloween dance which was attended by about 25 youth members. NOV was just as busy as we held a boys night in NOV and a girls night as well which were both a sucess. We also finished off the 4-H program we were running called 'A Sporting Chance'. During the program we asked the youth members to tell us 'what are ways you can get active' and their answers were:

1.       Ice Hockey-Jordan

2.       Dirt Biking-Griffan,

3.       Wrestling-Mathew

4.       Horseback riding-Aleisha

5.       Dodge ball-Bethany

6.       Jogging-Sam

7.       Biking-Damian

8.       Soccer-Harley

9.       Baseball-Caleb

10.   Football-Justin

11.   Hide and Seek-Nicole

12.   Paint ball- Alex

13.   Bungee Jumping- Beth

14.   Rock Climbing-Pam

15.   Man Hunt-Dawson

16.   Walking my dog-Courtney

17.   Volleyball-Dusty

18.   Basketball-Kaitlyn

19.   Capture the flag-Eva

20.   Running-John

21.   Ski-dooing- Mike

22.   Road Hockey-CJ

Whether young or old we can take some of these youths advice and get out there and get active. December is starting to get very full as well with our Cristmas Lights Campaign on Dec 8th. Check out our calendar on the events page to see all what we are up to this comming month.

September1, 2011

Wow summer has come and gone so fast. Our summer excusion program was again extremely sucessful, with adventures like AMC movies, Murphy's Point, Canoe trip in Lanark, the museum of Science and Tech, the History museum, Calypso, and our last trip to Fun Junction. As staff we a had a great summer and hope all Youth members did too. As fall approaches we hope you take the time to look at whats going on here at the centre with the starting of Teen night which is only open to those who are in grade 9 or up on Wednesday nights starting Sept 14th. Sports porgram will again start up as of Sept15th, hope to see you all there. As well the Youth Centre will be starting a homework club and if you are interested you must speak with Ashley ASAP as it is limited in space. I sure hope you all had a great summer and I we look forward to seeing you in the fall.

August 2, 2011

Well halfway through the summer already where has the time gone. You will have to excuse me for not updating as often as I would like, we have been fairly busy around here. Be sure to check the events page to find out what is going on in August.... Unfortunately all trips filled up fast and we currently have no more spots available for any of the trips as we only had limited space. We still have our drop in program happening, but we are on day time hours now. Day time hours are Tuesday and Thursday 11am-5pm, Friday 11am-8pm, and Saturday 11am-4pm. We also have some fundraising and special events happening throughout August as well which are also on the events page. Well hope to see you all soon.....

June 8, 2011

The countdown to summer is officially on! With only a few weeks to go, the YC is gearing up for an exciting summer program. Permission forms will be going out soon, so come pick one up and return it ASAP to ensure your spot on one of many exciting excursions this summer. We have several trips planned, including Calypso Water Park, Fun Junction, Canoeing and much more.

Our 4H program is running strong with 18 members recently completing the Veterinarian Project. Over the summer, we will run a Garden "Green Thumbs" project every Tuesday from 4:00-5:00 pm. Come get your hands dirty and have fun!

Sports program will continue over the summer months every Thursday, time to be determined. If you have some ideas of sports you would like to try, let us know. We are always looking for great ideas.

This week, we are participating in the Relay for Life at Lobardy to support the Canadian Cancer Society. We have 9 youth members as well as staff registered in this 12 hour overnight adventure. We are so proud of our youth members for getting involved in this awesome event!

May 11, 2011

Well spring is upon us faster than we thought, especially with all that rain we have been getting. School is soon going to be over and summer will be here. There are just a few things that you should know about the up comming season. We will be hosting a number of BBQ's throughout the summer. While in or hanging around the Youth Centre youth should be dressed appropriately. We will be going on a number of trips this summer including the Fun Junction, Calypso, Canoeing in our own backyard, and many more. We are currently running a 4-H vet club which seems to be going very well we have about 22 members in the club. Well thats all for now, hope to see you soon... YC Staff...


December 23, 2010

Well it the holidays are here, I hope you all have wonderful holidays... To start I would like to tell you about a few things that are going to be happening around the Youth Centre in January. First we are going to be holding a babysitter safety course, starting the second week of January. Then we will be holding a Appreciation Spaghetti Supper for the Towship and Council. There will be a boys night at some point in January the date is still to be determined. All you girls, there is no need to worry we will be having a girls night in January as well. We will also be doing the frosty fling movie night in January. As you can see January is going to be a busy month and Febuary is starting to fill up fast as we will be starting the chocolate program, and a few other events as well... Check the events page to see the exact dates of all the goings on around here at the Youth Centre. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday, hope to see you all in the New Year...

November 26th, 2010

Hey there everyone. Only 29 days left until Christmas. The upcomming month here at the Youth Centre is going to be a busy one and you don't want to miss out on the fun. Some of the upcomming activities in December are the Christmas lights, Santa Clause Parade, and a X-mas party. With the Christmas light fast approaching if you would like to help in anyway be sure to stop by the Youth Centre and find out how you can help. With the Christmas season comes holidays and closures, here at the Youth Centre we will be closed on December 24, 25, 31, and Januay 1. We also changed the hours we will be open during the holidays, on December 28 and 30 we will be open from 11am till 4pm. Once the new year comes we will be offering a 4-H Chocolate program, and a Babysitting course to those interested.

November 17, 2010

The Youth Centre has some pretty amazing things going on right now. Tuesdays are now 4-H days, and we are just wrapping up our photograpy program, and will be starting a chocolate program in January. Tuesdays are also Homework Club days where we offer an hour and a half desiganted time for you to do your homework, and if you require help with your home work we will provide assistance. Thursdays are as busy as ever, as we still have our sports nights at Maple Grove.  Fridays have become a big hit as well with our cooking program still running.


Sept 22, 2010

Hey everyone! Hope that we all have gotten back in the school routine by now. The YC has some really cool opportunities coming up in the next months. First, we will begin our first 4-H Project at the Centre: Photography. You can learn how to take great pictures, and have lots of fun while doing it. We will be begin in mid October, so please let us know ASAP if you want to get involved.

We also have the Sports Program running again on Thursdays at Maple Grove, 5:45- 7:45, and Cooking on Fridays. Stop by the YC on Tuesdays to afterschool to get all your homework done. We are here to help! See you soon!

Thursday April 1, 2010

There is lots happening at the Youth Centre right now! First of all, we are getting ready to hold our first ever Magic Show at the Civitan on Sunday April 11th.  This is going to be an AMAZING show with awesome performances by Aleckazam and Ian Quick. Also on hand will be the Shriners Clowns with their antics and balloon animals. Get your tickets at the youth centre or Tickets Please in Perth (inside Jo's Clothes  @ 39 Foster Street). See our poster on the right for more info.

Another fundraiser we are holding right now is our Golf Raffle! You could win a seasons membership at Timber Run Golf Club, as well as runs or golf complete with motorized golf carts. 

Finally, we are in the midst of gathering dresses and suits for those students that are attending either a formal or graduation. These are two very important days in a teenagers life, and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to look their best.  Let us know if you have any dresses you would like to donate!

Thursday February 11, 2010

So much has been happening at the Youth Centre since the last time I posted info here. In January we had our Frosty Fling movie night with a wopping 37 youth in attendence! On Saturday February 6th a couple of us headed into Ottawa for the Kiwanis Bed Race on Dows Lake. Thank you so much to Phil Anderson from the Perth Kiwanis Club for setting us up and providing us with the bed. We had SO MUCH FUN! We also have our Valentines Dance tomorrow night and should not be missed. We have Valentines chocolates that we made here, and prizes to be won. Click on the poster to the left for a larger view.

Finally, don't forget about our Winter Raffle. Tickets can be purchased at the youth centre or the Township building. Prizes include Sens tickets, golf passes, movie passes for Ciniplex theaters and a gift basket from Movie Gallery. $4 each or 3 for $10. Draw date is Friday February 26.

Wednesday November 25, 2009

One month until Christmas! Yes, it's hard to believe, and in honour of the upcoming season, we will be showing a Christmas movie this Friday. The fee to see the movie has changed a little, so come prepared. $1 to watch the movie, $3 for movie and pizza, and $3.75 for movie, pizza and a drink.

We are also looking for lots of help in the next couple weeks with the many upcoming events we have. Check out our volunteer page on this site to find out how YOU could be earning big points!

Thursday November 12, 2009


Tomorrow night, we will be holding another movie night at the YC. For a small cost of $1, you can see "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". For $2 you can see the movie AND have a slice of pizze and a drink.

Come one; come all! Bring your friends!! Enjoy an evening at the YC!

Monday November 2, 2009

The Youth Centre WILL be open this week! However, if you are experiencing flu symptoms, or if you have had any flu symptoms in the past 48 hours, please stay home. We must stay healthy in order to continue having the centre open.

Sports program will be cancelled this week so just come right to the youth centre.

We hope everyone have a very happy halloween!!

Wednesday October 28, 2009

The Youth Centre will be closed until further notice due to the prevalence of the flu bug in the area. We will reschedule the Halloween Dance to another night in the very near future. Take care of yourself in the mean time!!

Tuesday October 27, 2009

The staff at the Youth Centre would like to remind everyone to take care now that flu season is in full swing. Keep your hands washed, cough in your sleeve (not your hand) and if you are feeling sick - STAY HOME! Keep an eye on what's happening at the Youth Centre, because if too many people are getting sick, we may shut down temporarily.

Wednesday October 14, 2009

Movie Night!! Join us on Friday for our very first (official) movie night on the BIG SCREEN! There is a cost of $2.00 which gets you one slice of pizza and one drink. We will be watching "Race to Witch Mountain" starring The Rock. It would good to let us know if you will be attending so we know how much pizza we should get.

Thank you to everyone that purchased a pumpkin pie for United Way. They were SOOOOO GOOD! And we were able to raise $321 for the United Way of Lanark County. A HUGE thank you also goes out to our favorite baker, Marlene Scott.

Tuesday September 29, 2009

PUMPKIN PIE TIME! Get your order in, and Fast!! We will only making 45 pies and they were in hot demand last year; for the low price of $6.00, why not order two?? Orders must be in to the YC by noon on Thursday October 8th and will be ready to pick-up by Friday evening between 7-8pm or Saturday morning between 10-11am. Help support the United Way and show them how much we apprechiate them supporting our Youth Centre.

Tuesday September 22, 2009

SALSA - enjoy!!

8 Tomatoes
1 1/4 cup chopped spanish onions
1 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 1/2 tsp salt
2 hot peppers
5 tsp lime juice

Thursday September 17, 2009

SALSA NIGHT! Join us tomorrow night as we learn to make salsa and then do some rigorous taste testing with some tasty Tostitos! We will also have some hot dogs cooking on the BBQ so be sure to come by. We need all the salsa tasters we can get!

Tuesday September 15, 2009

We are going to once again be making our delicious pumpkin pies to raise money for the United Way of Lanark County. If you would like to place an order, please contact the Youth Centre by Tuesday October 6th. The pies will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving; please pick them up on Friday October 9th. We will not be here on the weekend so if you don't get them that day, you will have to wait until Tuesday.  Pies will be going for $6.00 each.

You can place your order by calling the centre, sending us an email or through our online form on our contact page. Last year we made about $125, so this year we are aiming for $150!!

Thank you for your support!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday September 14, 2009

First of all, thank you to all those that came out to our BBQ on Friday. It was a beautiful afternoon, and it was great to see so many youth out as well. By the end of the day, we ended up selling $105 worth of hamburgers and hot dogs.

There will be a new program starting up next week - Road Hockey Tuesdays. It's the LHYCI Road Hockey league, so we are hoping to have enough interest that we will be able to form teams that will play together every Tuesday this fall.

We are also starting to think about United Way fundraising this fall, and we are looking for all the help we can get! We will get baking pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving (they were such a hit last year!) and having a Craft & Bake Sale in November. Join us Tuesday evenings when we will be working hard on various craft projects to prepare for this event.

Thanks for check out our website!  


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